A Yorkies Personality

A Yorkies Personality

You may wonder about a Yorkies Personality, perhaps you are thinking of adopting one or you're just curious. Lola and Sam decided to shed a little bit of light on the matter with the help of one of their live-in help, Jane.

Lola says "we are very fun dogs! We play lots of fun games. We like to challenge ourselves daily, be it jumping on the coffee table to throw things on the floor or taking a whole shoe hostage, we always stay mentally and physically active. Dragging a boot the weight of my body is something I doubt you could do, Hooman!"

"We are very clever, cleverer than the Hoomans. We live rent-free in the perfectly heated house for us, we always have lots of beds but the best bed is OUR bed that the Hoomans like to lay in at night. It's okay though as we make sure they have very little room to lay if it at all. They should really learn some boundaries."

"We love the Hooman food, we don't know why we can't live on steak and the good fings. Seems unfair to me".

Sam says "Whatever she said, I don't want to get in trouble". 


Jane says "I'm lucky to have had the pleasure to be owned by four Yorkies previously to Lola and Sam. They have a bad reputation as being ankle biters and snappy. Well, they can be- to strangers who they consider pose a risk to the beings they care about most. However, they are loving, fun and yes loyal to a tee." 

"They love to be close all the time- goodbye baths or bathroom trips alone, we must be together ALWAYS. It's not unusual to send one flying across the room as you walked and didn't realize they were on your foot!"

"Lola likes to sleep with her nose in my ear (yes the drum) and the rest of her body wrapped around my neck like a scarf. Sam likes to lay behind my back, as you can imagine it's like laying in a heated fur blanket"

"If you are looking for an incredibly intelligent, cuddle buddy who has occasional anger management issues (with strangers) a Yorkie is waiting to be your next best friend" 

"They'll take your heart, your bed and most likely your shoes".