The Best Dog Strollers For Small Dogs

Teacup Yorkie in Pet Gear Pet Stroller

If you are looking for the best dog strollers for small dogs (or cats) you have arrived at the right online pet store as today I will be reviewing a couple of pet strollers that I have recently tried out. 

Whilst I await my own pet stroller stockist, I thought I'd just buy a couple to try!

The first one is by a company called Pet Gear- I think it is reasonably priced at $39.99. I liked this one as it comes out of the box ready to use immediately- no one likes assembling things! 

It is very lightweight and despite that fact, it also feels perfectly stable, the wheels move correctly (not like a supermarket pushcart with a mind of its own) and I have practiced running with it and it works perfectly. 

Despite looking like mesh is opaque, you can see in to check on your pet and they can also see out of the stroller. The stroller is big enough for Lola And Sam at the same time, so I imagine it could fit a small-medium size dog fairly easily.

Pros; Lightweight, Reasonably priced, Lola loves riding around in it, would be perfect as a pet stroller for jogging.

Cons; There is no cushion inside, but this is easily remedied with a blanket. 

You can check it out on my link below. 

The second one is by a company called Best Pet- as you can see it is slightly more expensive than the Pet Gear Stroller but still very reasonably priced. 

This one arrived unassembled, and it took us a while to work out, nothing too hard but we were trying to put the wheels on backward *shrug*.

This one is heavier than the Pet Gear version, but it does have some nice features that I think would come in useful when traveling with your pet. It has a basket underneath which you could store your pet treats, water, poop bags in.

It also has a fleece cushion which makes it very comfortable for your dog- or cat! Don't forget cats like being pampered too! 

There is also a handy bag clip, the handlebars are also foam covered and the wheels are more 'four-wheel drive' so probably a good choice for a larger or heavier dog. 

I chose the Pet Gear Dog Stroller as it is perfect for Lola and Sam! We look forward to welcoming you to our future range of colorful dog strollers. 


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